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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Robot Pasta, with .

Mars and Jim Dwyer

5:54 PM the piltdown men goodnight mrs. flintstone the piltdown men ride again ace
5:53 PM diminished men gg narrows instrumentals abduction
5:49 PM the poppy family that's where i went wrong a good thing lost what are records
5:47 PM doreen freeman optimistic the gals ofthe big D jamboree dragon street records
5:45 PM moondog single foot a new sound for an old instrument roof music
5:44 PM gesualdo/noel akchote gioite voi col canto gesualdo: madrigals for five guitars blue chopsticks
5:41 PM Cornelius Brazil Point Matador
5:40 PM Gene Roddenberry with William Shatner William Shatner meets Captain Kirk inside Star Trek Columbia
5:38 PM Duane "The Teenaged Weirdo" Bubblegum Encore 7" single Third Man Records
5:25 PM Mary Wells What's Easy for Two is so Hard for One Mary Wells Greatest Hits Motown
5:25 PM Tiny Tim Let's Make the World of Tomorrow Today God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Studio Masters and More Rhino
5:19 PM Gene Roddenberry and Sarek The Origin of Spock; Sarek's Son Spock inside Star Trek Columbia
5:16 PM Cornelius Fly Point Matador Records
5:12 PM Delia Derbyshire Robot Pasta Love Theme BBC Radiophonic Music
Nothin' But the Blues, with . 4:51 PM harper I'll follw you down to the rhythm blind pig
4:49 PM selwyn birchwood tell me why don't call no ambulance alligator
4:47 PM johnny copeland w/ albert collins & robert cray lion's den showdown alligator
4:43 PM albert collins w/ johnny copeland & robert cray the moon is full showdown alligator
4:42 PM billy jones the iceman I'm a bluesman american blues recording company
4:28 PM barbara carr hanging on by thread keep the fire burning catfood
4:21 PM lady sunshine & thr X bnd beware of the dog big sexee lsxm
4:20 PM etta james spoonful life, love, & the blues Windham Hill Records
4:17 PM howlin' wolf shake for me box chess
4:10 PM willie mabon louise chicaco blues sessions evidence
4:10 PM curtis jones cool playing blues devil is a busy man empire
4:09 PM craig horton life of luxury touch of the bluesman bad daddy
3:55 PM marcia ball get you a woman tattooed lady... alligator
3:51 PM vivian vance leigh black drawers hit me up wolf
3:49 PM ursula george double crossin' poppa one steady roll tommytiger
3:47 PM john lee hooker you ain't no good half a stranger mainstream
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