CBN Constitution: Article 1 - Definitions

Section 1 - Constitution
This is the Constitution of the Campus Broadcasting Network of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the operation and management of the Network. All procedures of the Network must be consistent with the terms of this Constitution.

Section 2 - Relationship With the University
The Campus Broadcasting Network has a very specific relationship to the University. The Regents of the University of Michigan hold the license of WCBN-FM and are charged by the Federal Government with responsibility for its operations. This includes programming, broadcast transmission, and the actions of management and staff. Similarly, the many supporting departments at the Campus Broadcasting Network also operate under the umbrella of the University and its officers. Therefore the General Manager, the Board of Directors, the Executive Directors, and all Network Members are representatives of the University community and are empowered, albeit in different degrees, to make decisions concerning the Network as agents of the Regents of the University of Michigan.

Section 3 - Amendment
Amendment of this constitution shall require ratification by three-quarters of the Board of Directors. After this, the proposed amendment shall be placed on a ballot for approval by two-thirds of the Network Members voting on the proposal. A total Constitutional revision may be accomplished by unanimous approval of all Members of the Network Board of Directors and by establishing a Revision Committee. The adoption of the revision is held to the same procedures as outlined above.

Section 4 - Bylaws
The Board of Directors shall maintain a list of bylaws for the Campus Broadcasting Network, which shall be attached to this Constitution. The bylaws are specific rules of policy and conduct for all Members of the Network. All Network Members will conduct themselves in accordance with the bylaws. Bylaws may be passed, modified or rescinded by the Board of Directors at any meeting following proposal at the previous meeting. The proposed bylaw or changes must be posted for at least seven days before any action on the policy change can be taken by the Board of Directors. A simple majority of Board Members present is required to enact or change a bylaw.