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CBN Constitution: Introduction

Introduction to the Constitution of the Campus Broadcasting Network

Certain tenets and constraints under which the Campus Broadcasting Network (CBN) operates are a feature of its relationship with the University of Michigan and are not subject to ratification by the Network, as is this constitution of the Network and its Members. Many of these are spelled out in the constitution and arise primarily from the fact that the Regents of the University of Michigan are the license holders of WCBN-FM, charged by the federal government with overseeing its operation and responsible for actions of management and staff. The Regents may not legally delegate authority over matters regarding program content, signal transmission, and essential matters of license responsibility to CBN. Direct authority to manage, supervise and operate this facility must be maintained. Consequently, the two Vice-Presidents' representatives must be expected to serve as the real authority on the board to the extent that matters arise which are inconsistent with the licensee's views. The Board of Directors, General Manager, Executive Directors, and Network Members are representatives of specific areas of the University community, responsible to the Regents and their appointees, and empowered to make certain well delineated and bounded decisions concerning the Network. From this authority proceed many of the definitions which are a part of this constitution, and a great many rules, regulations, bylaws, and requirements of the University Regents and their officers as well as the Federal Communications Commission which are not contained in the constitution, but nonetheless govern CBN's operation. Such rules and regulations which are specific to their authority in all cases supersede this document, and officials and Members of the Network are expected to inform themselves of and operate according to these regulations.