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999999999 @ Movement (Festival Review by Zach N.)

Last Sunday, deep under the concrete expanse of Hart Plaza, 999999999 delivered one of the hardest hitting electronic music performances I have ever witnessed. They played at the Underground stage at the festival, which was located, just as the name suggests, in a large concrete hall underneath the rest of the festival. It was a deeply industrial setting, with concrete floor and walls and a low concrete ceiling supported by concrete pillars. Their set went from 7:30-9:00pm, and so the dim sunlight filtering in from the stairs down the stage dwindled and faded throughout the set. The only other lighting was from a few blue and red strobes, which barely illuminated the sweaty, pulsating mass that was the crowd. This all contributed to a perfect environment for a set optimized to push you far out of your comfort zone.


The Italian duo is known for their relentless, hard-hitting, entirely live shows, which they certainly delivered on. The set was full of their characteristically heavy, industrial take on acid techno, and sat around 150bpm throughout. The live-synth nature of the show, as opposed to DJing previously created tracks, gave the set a very personal and immediate feeling. As opposed to some other live sets, their show featured samples relatively prominently throughout the performance, and had a well defined bridge -> build -> drop -> repeat structure; whereas other live techno sets of the weekend took a more atmospheric and meandering approach. The show was a commanding testament to the shear force techno can exert.

 Review by Zach N, photo: Valentin Lecaille

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