ACTION ALERT: Make Roadrunner Massachusetts' State Rock Song

ACTION ALERT: Make Roadrunner Massachusetts' State Rock Song:

From the March 4th, 2013 Boston Globe: ”No, this isn’t a life-or-death issue. But even a lighthearted bill can be a civic exercise; Linehan knows people who have called their representatives for the first time on the song’s behalf. The ‘Roadrunner’ campaign is also a tribute to Massachusetts’ creative economy. Linehan was inspired by a 2007 article in the British newspaper The Guardian, in which the writer took a pilgrimage to Massachusetts to visit the places named in the song. Music can be an ambassador, and ‘Roadrunner’ showcases Massachusetts at its most optimistic and openhearted.” 

Yeah let’s do this. Join the fb group if you like (see link above), call your State Reps if you are now or ever have been a citizen of the glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts, God save it.

And remember, this isn’t merely about the making the Modern Lovers’ love song to Massachusetts the state rock song. It is also about keeping feckin Dream On from becoming our state rock song. Thanks, South Shore.