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Arbouretum: Let It All In (album review by Christa V.)

Arbouretum is a self-identified rock band that primarily sounds like folk music with a chill groove. They excel at crafting stories through the lyrics while creating  a chill vibe in the instruments. There are also some country influences, as well as what sounds like sea shanty vibes in the song “A Prism in Reverse,” or blues  in “High Water Song” (especially with the piano part). “Night Theme” is also a unique track in that it features only instrumentals and would be good for speaking  over. Overall, it seems like this band has a wide range of influences that they are able to synthesize into a cohesive sound. The best tracks though are the  opener, which is a groovy country song, or the title track which is 11 minutes of an energetic groove featuring cool instrumentals. Favorite tracks: 1, 7, 8

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