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EARTHGANG Makes a Large Bang - St. Andrew's Hall 2/6/20

We went to a concert. 


The crowd was exclusively 5’7’’ white college students, 120-130 lbs. EARTHGANG was headlining, with Mick Jenkins, Wynne, and Jurdan Bryant opening. 


Jurdan Bryant went first. He was really good. He is a part of Spillage Village, and met the high expectations that come with such a membership. He engaged the crowd.


Wynne was really interesting. She hails from Portland, OR and looks it. The crowd was a bit taken aback by the white woman saying many words fast. However, the crowd, or at least the two boys next to us, quickly decided she was “like 30 times better than Iggy Azalea.” Wynne said many words, and here are some of our favorites:

  • “Beauty and the Beast, why can’t I be both though”

  • “If I may, then I mighty”

  • “Eenie meenie miney moe I don’t wanna kill a h*e”


Mick Jenkins was after. He was good. He was very comfortable on stage, almost to a fault. Great songs though. 


EARTHGANG was the most awesome. Great interaction with the crowd, we felt like they were singing to us. We say this because when they were performing “Proud of You”, they pointed at us. Johnny Venus was more engaged, but Doctur Dot was cool too. 


WARNING: this concert is not friendly to people with light sensitivities. 

 By Audrey Jacobsen and Tess Wakefield 

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