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Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses Review by Laura Topf


“Head of Roses” is the second album by Flock of Dimes, solo project of Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, and does not disappoint. The album braids different genres under one dream-pop sound, including folk-inspired “Awake for the Sunrise,” which excellently combines Wasner’s emotive singing and raw lyrics. The album weaves together a story of heartbreak, introspection, and loss of identity, backed both by the anger of guitar solos on the second track and the stripped loneliness of the piano on the last track. While some of the middle tracks blend together, Wasner’s gut-wrenching vocals truly take center stage and interlace the melancholy album together. The title track brings the album to a conclusion, but not her journey to healing, saying “leave me to learn/love is time.” For any rainy day like the ones that we have been having, this album is definitely worth a listen. Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 5. -- Laura Topf

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