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GUM: Out In The World (album review by Christa V.)

GUM is the solo project of Jay Watson, an Australian musician who is also a member of the bands Tame Impala and Pond. He has released several albums under this name, and clearly is building on his experience making psychedelic rock with his other groups. Many of the songs feature fascinating ambient sounds in the background of chill vocals. Some even manage to make a horn section sound ambient, which is quite the feat. Some of the tracks also manage to incorporate more elements from pop and rock, such as “The Thrill of Doing it Right” which starts with an awesome horn section opening and has a catchy beat under pop style vocals. “Don’t Let it Go Out” is similar, but with more of a rock feel with guitars and synths. Whatever track you listen to, it’ll probably be catchy and fun while still retaining a relaxed quality to it.  Favorite tracks: 2, 4, 7

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