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Hear The Straight Dope about The Mothers of Invention

Tune in tonight (May 22 2017) for Frank Uhle's presentation of a Frank Zappa interview from 1967.

Frank says:

In November 1967 WCBN DJ Joe Doll interviewed Frank Zappa for his pioneering Ann Arbor psychedelic-themed radio show "Strobe." All these years later he has found the tape of the 30-minute interview, and I am going to re-air it at 11pm this Monday, 5/22! It's a fascinating, slightly-contentious chat, which was taped at a Detroit head shop for added atmosphere.

The interview will be the centerpiece of a one-hour re-creation of "Strobe," using other vintage WCBN tapes Joe saved including amazing carts and commercials, a readback of campus events, and of course some early Mothers of Invention music.

Tune in Monday May 22 at 11pm at 88.3 FM or to catch the extraordinary conversation between Joe Doll, fellow CBN'er Dave Pierce, and Frank Zappa, along with an atmospheric re-creation of WCBN 50 years ago.

Frank Uhle
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