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Horsegirl @ Mopop (Festival Review by Laura T.)

When preparing for MoPop music festival in Detroit, I had my eyes on Horsegirl’s set. A Chicago-based alt rock band, the three barely college aged musicians practically define cool. With their debut album coming out earlier this year, I was excited to see how their live performance would match their album full of post-punk, shoegaze tracks. 

Walking on stage with sullen faces, they opened silently with Electrolocation 2. As a trio, each instrument has full space to resonate as there is no bass guitar present in the three-piece. This unusual lineup resulted in bass lines that blended incredibly into the guitar lines, where the music sounded like one big wall that a drum beat pushed slowly towards you. The two guitarists sing in every combination possible, and the endless switching between harmonies, rounds, and solos keep me engaged as they float through their setlist. 

I could only describe their stage presence as grounded, as their concentration and stillness provided a sense of meditation. The crowd seemed almost sedated, transfixed by the artists before them. Of course, this was until Horsegirl began their hit Anti-Glory. Die-hard fans could be seen head-banging, while those who were merely waiting for the next artist were starting to bob their heads a bit. 

The set in all, was a beautiful display of what we can expect from young, upcoming musicians in the future: no gimmicks, just a pure display of artistry where the music is able to communicate to the audience for itself. 


Photo and Review by Laura T.


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