Levi Dover Sextet: Imaginary Structures (album review by Christa V.)

This is the debut album of Levi Dover’s sextet, featuring entirely tracks that Dover wrote himself. Dover shines on the double bass, but the entire group meshes incredibly well together. The album itself feels like a synthesis of traditional jazz with elements of progressive rock and an overall improvisatory feel. At times, it can feel disconcerting as the rhythm section appears to disconnect from the rest of the group, but it always comes back together by the end of the track. One of the best tracks is probably “In Hindsight” since it features all of the members really going nuts and having fun! More toned down tunes like “Galapagos” are also very fun as well. Finally, “The Fox and the Cat” is an amusing play between the trumpet and the piano that is sure to surprise you and sound very different from anything else on the record. Favorite tracks: 2, 5, 7

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