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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 37 October 14 2012


Artist - Song - Album

Hour OneHosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting.
Master's Apprentices - Southern Cross - A Toast to Panama (EMI)
Straightjacket Nation - Nice Talk/Nationalism - Nationalism 7" (Iron Lung)
Metal Urbain - Ultra Violence - Anarchy in Paris (Acute)
Comets on Fire - Whiskey River - Blue Cathedral (Sub Pop)
Goosebumps - Jail Cell - I Hate My Body 7" (Burn Books)
Rodriguez - Only Good For Conversation - Cold Fact (Light In the Attic)

Puffy Areolas - Dark Places (Guyana Pt. II) - 1982: Dishonorable Discharge (Hozac)
Hackamore Brick - Someone You Know - One Kiss Leads to Another (Kama Sutra)
Birth Deformities - Nobody Likes Me - Suburbanized 10" (Cowabunga)
Cotton Museum - Horrid Organ - Hatching Extraction (Tasty Soil)
Chocolate Watchband - Gone and Passes By - No Way Out (Eva)
Total Control - Contract - Scene From a Marriage 7" (Sub Pop)

Hour Two
Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting.
Useless Children - Locked Groove - Post Ending//Pre Completion (Iron Lung)
Archie Shepp - Los Olvidados - Fire Music (Impulse!)
Confines - Mediocrity Rules/Mission Creep - Some Sick Joke 7" (Side Two/Labor of Love)
Arkey Blue & the Blue Cowboys - Too Many Pills - VA: God Less America (Crypt)
R.L. Crutchfield - Flightless Birds - R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day (Dark Entries)
School Jerks - Wicked World - School Jerks LP (Grave Mistake/Bad Vibration)

Protomartyr - Psychic Doorbell - Colpi Proibiti 7" (X!)
A Handful of Dust - Come, Breath Upon These Slain, That They May Live - Concord (Twisted Village)
 Bill Orcutt - The Star Spangled Banner - The Star Spangled Banner I b/w The Star Spangled Banner II (Palilalia)
Death - Together As One - Human (Relativity)
Spectre Folk - Mantraphonics - The Ancient Storm (Vampire Blues)
Prisoner Abuse - Brain Rot - Prisoner Abuse LP (Painkiller)

Nitwitz - I'm So Lazy - Killed By Epitaph: Dutch Punk '77-'82 (Boot)