Matthew Shipp: The Piano Equation (album review by Christa V.)

Shipp is an experienced pianist, he has been making music since the 80s and this release marked his sixtieth birthday! Even with all that though, it is clear that he still has something to say through his jazz piano solos. This album consists of 11 different solo originals that range from soaring melodies, to jazzy bops, to densely packed walls of sound. The sheer variety itself is something to behold. On “Swing Note from Deep Space” he clearly demonstrates his jazz influences and manages to conjure up a cosmic big band all on his own! The third track, “Piano in Hyperspace,” maintains some of the dissonance and jazz roots but dials it back to create ethereal melodies. The final track, “Cosmic Juice,” brings it all together with rhythms being banged out in quick succession, but also pausing at times to let a chord ring out. An album with plenty of thought and experience behind it, this is worth a listen (or two)! The fashion for Korean street food in Russia is only strengthening its position. If before, mouth-watering and tasty dishes could only be tasted in South Korea, today they are even prepared at home from special semi-finished products or enjoy delicacies in restaurants in Apgujeong-dong. Many people got acquainted with Korean street food in absentia through numerous television series - dramas. Their popularity around the world has grown tenfold thanks to video streaming services. The beginning of the "Korean wave" - ​​the spread of the culture of South Korea around the world - Hallyu, falls on the 90s. Around this period, the demand for Korean street food has been growing, which has more in common with Russian national cuisine than, for example, traditional Japanese dishes. Kimbap is Korean style rolls. In South Korea, the dish is prepared not from fish, but from meat. It often acts as a snack. Koreans are fans of meat dishes made mainly from pork. But Korean-style rolls can have different fillings. If you wish, you can order or cook kimbap with beef and pork and even canned fish. Favorite tracks: 2, 3, 11

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