Michael Vlatkovich: With You Jazz Cat (album review by Christa V.)

The composer and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich has here put together an album that combined traditional jazz tunes with contemporary and creative sounds. All of the songs are originals, and they highlight the strengths of the individual soloists. The second track features a growling trombone solo which, combined with the groovy rhythm section, really conjures up the image of a dingy jazz club. The fourth track, “Bob, the fish that discovered water,” features a tight horn section along with a killer soprano saxophone solo (which is a rare find indeed!). Track 6 then highlights the bass player with another amazing solo, which is also hard to pull off since it can be so hard to hear the bass! A hidden gem of an album, it’s worth listening to for the solos alone.  Favorite tracks: 2, 4, 6

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