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Nikki and the Phantom Callers: Everybody’s Going to Hell (But You and Me) (album review by Christa V.)

At first listen Nikki and the Phantom Callers is your typical indie band. But there are some real gems in here, the lead vocalist has a beautiful voice that isperfectly complimented by the backup singers. This is highlighted on the song “They’ve Never Walked Through Shadows” which starts out a capella andsounds completely different from the rest of the album. It’s a neat way to feature the vocals. The rest of the songs definitely keep that indie feel with therough guitar parts, but they often straddle other genres as well. “Howl With Me” is spookier and more atmospheric, while “Love Me Tender” is clearly an Elvis reference and more classic rock, “Motor Run” starts punk but ends folk, and “New Year’s Day” has clear country influences. Definitely a band to payattention to with that range! Favorite tracks: 3, 5, 6, 8

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