Peach Tree Rascals @ Governors Ball (Festival Review by Ciarán C.)

As the bass shakes the stage and the crowd begins to cheer, the San Jose-based musical collective Peach Tree Rascals ran onto the stage. With their groovy West Coast feel and playful energy, Peach Tree Rascals’ performance at Governors Ball had the crowd laughing, cheering, and swaying to their set with a certain teenage zest for life. In between songs, the band would stop and engage in banter with the crowd: singer-rappers Tarrek and Isaac captivated the audience, both with laughter (such as asking for the crowd to repeatedly shout “Hey M.F hey!”) and with heartwarming moments, such as when they recounted the musical collective’s history, which spanned from a shoddily-made garage shed to the GoPuff stage.

Throughout the set, I was captivated by how the group balanced the crowd with their songs: despite being on such a massive stage, the sounds were incredibly comfortable, feeling like an intimate and close house show thrown by your closest friends. Moreover, the cartoon visuals that accompanied their performance were incredibly nostalgia-inducing and felt very Scooby-Doo-esque (perhaps because of the lighthearted and fun nature of their stage presence): if you’d told me that Peach Tree Rascals were cast to soundtrack a 2022 interpretation of Scooby-Doo, I'd immediately believe you.

Towards the end of their set, and much to the delight of the audience, they teased their upcoming single Let U Go, performing it live for the second time. Perhaps it was the summer air or the spirit of everyone around me, but I felt that this was an upcoming anthem for the summer. Before I even knew it, their set was coming to an end: they finished seemingly abruptly, walking off the stage. Yet, only seconds later, they ran back on with that same playful nature and closed with their breakout hit Mariposa, sending the crowd into singing-along and dancing. From start to finish, their playful energy and joie de vivre didn’t fault for a single moment, with Mariposa serving as the exciting culmination for this incredibly relaxed and joyful set.

Peach Tree Rascal's new single is released June 24.

Review by Ciaràn C., Photo by Laura T.

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