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The Rush Debate: An Important Fundraising Message from The Seizure Experiment

UPDATE 02/24/20: The second Rush Debate has ended in another perfect split among the donor vote, 7 v 7! Big thanks to everything who rolled the bones and gave that big money for WCBN! Guess we'll have to try again to settle the debate once and for all another fundraiser... The Rush Debate will return!

There has been a long-running contentious issue in the Seizure Experiment world: Do you like Rush? During a past fundraiser, we asked our DJs and got a perfect split, 3 v 3; then, we asked the listeners to donate to voice their opinions. After several donations it ended as a perfect split.

So now, we are returning to this topic. This Sunday on The Seizure Experiment, we will be having a new debate over Rush. Join us to voice your opinion and cast your vote! If Rush wins, we will play a Rush song on air. If The Anti-Rush Brigade wins, we don't have that one fully planned out yet.

Odd-amount donos signify support for Rush, even amounts support The Anti-Rush Brigade.

Tune in to WCBN Sunday, February 23 at 10pm EST, and feel the spirit of the radio!

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