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Slayyyter @ El Club (Concert Review by Laura T)

Last Friday, Detroit venue El Club was filled with sparkly outfits worn by every walk of life imaginable (including a fourteen year old and his grandma) to see hyper-pop artist Slayyyter perform on her Club Paradise Tour, supported by DJ LoveLeo. LoveLeo opened up the concert with a high energy set injected with humor and his original music. His carefree energy meshed well with the crowd, as they cheered when he rickrolled the venue. His original songs were the exact kind that would blow up on tiktok: infectious pop hooks that are impossible not to dance to. The venue doesn’t have a barricade, and the concertgoers were right up against the stage, making for an incredibly personal performance.


Waiting for Slayyyter to perform, everyone in the crowd got to know each other, chatting, laughing and debating which Ariana Grande album has “no skips.” Slayyyter was joined on stage by her DJ (who kept the energy going during her costume change) and two dance poles. Her stage presence was one that captivated the crowd, and she had them in the palm of her hand as she performed her high-energy songs. Injected with humor and bass, her songs had the crowd screaming every line. The set was more akin to a party, with the atmosphere feeling like a community coming together to celebrate. The set ended on a ballad, Letters, which was a surprisingly intimate song and an interesting choice to end off on. Slayyyter’s performance truly let the world know that pop is not dead.

Listen to Slayyyter’s latest album, Troubled Paradise here 

Review and Photo by Laura T.



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