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SoccerMommy @ Governors Ball (festival review by Laura T.)

When Soccer Mommy walked out for her set on Sunday of Governors Ball, you would have thought the whole band was dressed for class, rather than a set at one of the biggest festivals. In their black skinny jeans and tee shirts, they stood in front of a screen with visuals from their latest project, Sometimes, Forever. As the biopsy videos swirled behind Sophie Allison, she began with their biggest hit, Circle the Drain. I noticed how this set took a darker tone than the rest we had heard at Governors Ball. The crowd was at its grungiest point so far, and were enamored by the interludes between each song. Her keyboardist played ambient synth noises under her talk of releasing their new album Sometimes, Forever that was released the week after the festival. The new song featured a pushing drum and reverb-treated vocals, and followed the light atmospheric guitar riffs matched with heavy drums that I have come to expect from Allison. The drums help turn their almost depressing lyrics into anthems. Her new song Newdemo stood out against the rest. With string-like synths and an unaffected guitar with a tamborine (quite a change from the beating drums earlier), the organ-inspired keys and nature-inspired lyrics broke the formula successfully. It featured a muted guitar riff, and eventually built up to the usual soccermommy energy we come to expect.

Photo and Review by Laura T.

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