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Toro y Moi @ Pitchfork (Festival Review by Aly L)

Toro y Moi!! The crowd buzzed in anticipation after waiting in the pouring rain for Toro y Moi (Chaz Bear) to hit the stage. This was the best performance of the day. The energy of the crowd matched the energy on the stage. It was the kind of performance where you did not need to know any of his music to have the time of your life. At the beginning of the set, Bear stated that it was his first show back since covid hit, and boy you could tell!! He was so happy to be there — he seemed to be doing a lil jig at every possible moment. The crowd was lively even after just being heavily rained on just prior to the start of the set. He walked out in a beautiful white suit with a mustard yellow shirt underneath and quickly lost the jacket as it was restricting his brilliant dance moves. 


As I said above, this was the best set of the day. Even though this is a concert review it is difficult to put the feeling into words. The swell in my chest, the itch in my throat from singing along, the cramps in my legs from dancing so hard. Clean vocals paired with synthetic chords and hard drums made for the perfect pick-me-up in between Earl Sweatshirts (painfully) slow set. The stage setup was different from what I’ve seen before; the bassist, the keys player, and the synth (?) player were all in a tight circle in the middle of the stage. Bear’s mic was at the front of the circle but he pranced around the entire stage. During a couple of the songs, Bear would join the other musicians on stage and play their instruments with them which was so funky!! 


From ballads to dance music Toro kept the crowd engaged. The bounce during “Ordinary Pleasure” to the swaying back-and-forth during “Girl Like You” to the mosh pit during “The Difference” showed his set diversity. I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my time on this here Earth and this one has made its way to the top of the list. I am still thinking about this set and am so determined to see him play live again. 


Photo and Review by Aly L

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