Tove Lo @ Governors Ball (festival review by Ciaran C.)

It’s no secret that if you grew up as a gay teenager in the early/mid-2010s, Tove Lo is a household name. From her mainstream radio success with Habits (Stay High) to her dive out of despair with Disco Tits, we can seemingly track every moment of our teenage years to a point in Tove Lo’s musical career.


Her Governors Ball set last Saturday was a well welcomed and incredibly cherished addition to this collection of moments: strutting onto the stage in a star-emblazoned leather ensemble, her hour-long performance was a fluid one featuring slinky movements and lots of gyrations. The crowd swayed along and cheered with her, throwing up beach balls and peace signs into the sweltering sky above Governors Ball’s main NYC Stage. Accompanying her hypnotizing movements was an array of swirling and trippy visuals, with deep landscapes of purple and pink overlaying clips from previous music videos and slowly traversing the stage. Her set encompassed seemingly every point of her career, from the beginnings nearly a decade ago to recent unreleased hits. However, there were some moments that truly stood out: Disco Tits saw Tove Lo accompanied by a sea of screaming fans and boob visuals as she paced around the stage in a sultry way. As I swayed around with the crowd, I felt oddly as if I had reached some full circle: I felt as if I was in the middle of some Tumblr edit that may have crossed my young-teenage dashboard. Taking the cake, though, was her Talking Body performance: in the middle of the second chorus, she fiddles with her ornate leather top and flashes the crowd for the entire second chorus, sending the crowd into screams and cheers. Overall, her stage presence was incredibly captivating, and only intensified the energy that oozed from her songs. With a potential upcoming album teased, I (and the early gay teenager inside me) will be waiting eagerly to see if she graces Detroit with her leathery, provocative, and exciting stage presence.


Review by CiarĂ¡n C., Photo by Laura T.

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