Fundraiser is coming!

WCBN’s annual fundraiser starts on February 12 and runs for ten days. Please tune in and support student-run, experimental–experiential, freeform radio again this year.

WCBN Fundraiser Bash

Sat, 02/16/2013 - 8:00pm


The line up looks like this:
Ritual Howls. Favorite new band. Dark, chill, minimal electronics + haunted gut crooning outta the D.

James Easter. Frontman. Gentleman. Caveman. Shaman. Whatever he has planned, he's done it especially for you. Not kidding.

James Baljo. Negotiating crossroads between dream & guitar.

James Tatum. Talented, sometime recluse breaks silence for his first Vitae show. Can't tell you how happy we are to have him.

Shells. Shelly Salant's project in which entire philosophies and systems of eldritch mathematics are communicated by way of primal, spare guitar.

Saramin. WCBN DJ and High Priestess

If you want some more information you can go here