CBN History Part III: WCBN 89.5FM

WCBN-FM went on the air for the first time on Janruary 23, 1972, broadcasting at 10 watts in stereo on 89.5FM. The carrier current station was kept in operation, but in order to avoid confusion, its call letters were changed to WRCN in 1973. WRCN adopted a "60's Gold" format, and emulated commercial radio in every manner, from the "slickness" of the on-air personalities to the scheduled commercial breaks. WCBN was not yet a freeform station, but was already quite eclectic. An article published in the Michigan Daily's Freshman Issue in September of 1974 explains the differences between WCBN and WRCN.

1974 was also the first year that WCBN stayed on the air during the summer months. It was not yet a 24-hour signal

The years spent on 89.5FM were short for the Campus Broadcasting Network, but they were a time of tremendous growth. For the first time, the voice of WCBN could be heard by the community at large. A variety of new shows were started, many in conjunction with student groups.

Since the community could now listen to WCBN, they began to get involved with it. Community involvement has become an inteegral part of the Network's aesthetic. Community

until 1977

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