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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Freeform, with Barnaby. T
10:04 AM serge gainsbourg le physique et le figure cosmic machine because
9:58 AM james ferraro earth minutes far side virtual hippos in tanks
9:54 AM ford & lopatin new planet channel pressure software
9:51 AM cocteau twins lorelei treasure 4ad
9:45 AM air alone in kyoto talkie walkie virgin
9:41 AM youth lagoon cannons the year in hibernation fat possom
9:41 AM motion sickness of time travel the dream motion sickness of time travel spectrum spools
9:36 AM leonard nimoy everybody's talkin outer mind inner space
9:22 AM cybotron vulcan sunday night at the total theatre
9:20 AM leonard nimoy highly illogical outer mind inner space
9:19 AM no kill i: deep space nine vulcan mind meld trekkies 2
9:15 AM leonard nimoy both sides now outer mind inner space
9:09 AM motion sickness of time travel the dream motion sickness of time travel spectrum spools
9:04 AM yo la tengo ohm fade matador
Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders and Trans Radio, with Ryan and Re.

Re features transgender & gender-nonconforming artists 7-8 am

9:00 AM guts club intestines arm wrestling tournament
8:55 AM thao & the get down stay down holy roller we the common
8:50 AM rubblebucket carousel ride survival sounds
8:46 AM dan deacon feel the lightning glass riffer
8:42 AM junk riot inside us headache
8:42 AM beach house lazuli bloom
8:42 AM bjork oliver bjork 1977
8:42 AM heartsrevolution kiss ride or die
8:42 AM sales renee ep
8:17 AM takako minekawa klaxon roomic cube - a tiny room exhbition
8:13 AM stereo total I am naked do the bambi
8:12 AM bangs I want more call and response
8:09 AM bugs in the dark modern life cross my heart little death
8:04 AM junk riot black widow headache
7:59 AM Anybody but the Cops Baby, I Got the Botulism (demo tape)
7:54 AM Chris Pureka Cruel and Clumsy
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