Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Soul Food Cafe, with Peter B. S
6:00 AM Herbie Hancock Butterfly The Complete Recordings: 1971- 1988 Columbia
The Answer is in the Beat, with Paul.

mic break music = Yan Jun and Jonathan Chen: With No Audience

5:46 AM The Orb Moonbuilding 2703 AD Moonbuilding 2703 AD Kompakt
5:41 AM BOAN Mentiras Mentiras Holodeck
5:37 AM Nozinja N'wanga I Jesu Nozinja Lodge Warp
5:34 AM Container Absorb LP [2015] Spectrum Spools
5:23 AM Holy Noise The Nightmare (The Dream) The Nightmare (The Final Remixes) Rotterdam Records
5:17 AM Drexciya Aquarazorda Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I Clone
5:12 AM Kyle Hall Kaychunk 12" Hyperdub
5:04 AM Hieroglyphic Being The Strenuous Life Machines For Lovers Spectral Sound
5:01 AM A.P. Mike Michael Perry mp3 Bandcamp
4:58 AM Esteban track 4 Cuban Pride cdr
4:55 AM Michael Perkins Esteban MR 666 Ghost Arcade
4:53 AM Perrey & Kingsley Unidentified Flying Object The In Sound From Way Out Vanguard
4:50 AM Benoit Hutin Jan De La Griula Occitania 31
4:43 AM Asmus Tietchens Zeebrugge Deutsche Elektronische Musik Soul Jazz
4:40 AM Dieter Moebius Hasenheide Deutsche Elektronische Musik Soul Jazz
4:35 AM Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza Fata Morgana Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 Soul Jazz
4:34 AM Scharpling & Wurster Sleepy Man Explodes The Best Of The Best Show Numero Group
4:15 AM Scharpling & Wurster Bryce #3 The Best Of The Best Show Numero Group
4:06 AM Frank Zappa RDNZL Lather Ryko
4:00 AM Venetian Snares Flashforward Detrimentalist Planet Mu
3:54 AM Gossamer Okuma Automaton Innovative Leisure
3:51 AM Drexciya Draining of the Tanks Neptune's Lair Tresor
3:46 AM Drexciya Lost Vessel Hydro Doorways Tresor
3:42 AM Drexciya Polymono Plexusgel Hydro Doorways Tresor
3:35 AM Oscar Mulero Muscle and Mind Muscle and Mind Pole
3:30 AM Piper Spray Krolorog Vs Benzaldehyde Monster Krolorog Hausu Mountain
3:20 AM Sparkling Wide Pressure Resonate Energy Balloon Undedicated Demos 2015 Bandcamp
3:17 AM Somec Skan Source of Uncertainty Haunter Records